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Ignite CBD Oil Review - MarijuanaBreak

December 07, 2018 5 min read

Ignite CBD Oil Review - MarijuanaBreak

At present, 33 states plus D.C. have legalized medical marijuana, while 10 of these states plus D.C. have made weed legal recreationally. With so much focus on using THC to get you high and alleviate a variety of medical maladies, it is easy to forget that CBD also acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system, and it is essentially legal in all 50 states, with caveats.

Whether you live in a state where weed isn’t legal yet or prefer to enjoy healing without a high, CBD is a perfectly viable option, which explains why there are hundreds of companies selling CBD products. There are oils, balms, capsules, edibles, and much more besides. Of these firms, few have made as big a splash going into 2019 as Ignite CBD.

Who are Ignite CBD?

It is fair to say that Dan Bilzerian, the co-founder and chairman of Ignite, knows how to make an impression. As well as showing outstanding business acumen, the entrepreneur has a natural flair for marketing, a gift which has served Ignite well. Bilzerian is nicknamed the ‘King of Instagram’ and served notice of the launch of 40 Ignite products in a fashion that Hugh Hefner would have been proud of.

He revealed the firm’s product line at his Bel Air mansion, and this level of attention has already paid dividends as Ignite’s products are flying off the shelves. As well as selling THC products, Ignite also specializes in an array of CBD products which contain zero THC. Bilzerian is a professional poker player, but has his cannabis product gamble paid off? Read our review to find out.

Review of Ignite Disposable Vape Pens

The first thing to note is that Ignite’s CBD vape pen range won the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup award in 2018 for ‘best CBD vape pen’ so, suffice to say, we were pretty excited to try it. There are seven flavors available and three entirely different experiences:

  • Calm: Designed for relaxation, this vape pen option is ideal for unwinding at the end of a hard day at work. Available in Bubble Gum and Lavender flavors.
  • Recharge: This is the vape pen option of choice for those in need of an energy boost. Use it in the morning or afternoon to invigorate the senses and enable you to hit peak performance. Available in Tangerine and Tropical Fruit Vape flavors.
  • Lucid: With this vape pen, you can unclutter your mind and focus on mentally challenging tasks. Available in Spearmint, Blood Orange, and Apple Berry.

All of the options cost $45 and contain natural hemp-derived CBD oil, natural essences, and fractionated (MCT) coconut oil. As the Ignite CBD range is free from THC, you don’t have to worry about getting high or failing a drug test.

Before we proceed, please note that Ignite is currently unable to ship its products to prospective customers in Alabama, Iowa, Michigan, Utah, Virginia, South Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, and Georgia.

Each vape pen contains a total of 0.5 grams (500mg) of pure CBD oil. Therefore, you should get 20 days’ worth of use if you use 25mg of CBD a day. If you have chronic pain, you may need up to 50mg a day, which equates to 10 days of CBD per pen. If you use two pens a month, you’re paying $90, which is actually quite reasonable by the standards of the CBD market.

First and foremost, we were impressed by the professional delivery service. Your pens are shipped via FedEx, and Ignite promises to deliver within 5-7 working days; we received ours in five working days. We received a text message and email when the pens were shipped and when they were dispatched, and again when the pens were out for delivery from the local post office. In other words, Ignite has followed Amazon’s tried and trusted model.

First up was the Spearmint vape pen, which was the Cannabis Cup winner. It is extremely easy to use; just take the pen out of its nice packaging and start smoking! The spearmint flavored pen tastes fantastic, like high-quality mint chewing gum. I tried this one personally and was delighted to discover how easy it was to take a hit. A nice gentle pull is all you need, and the hit is very noticeable.

This particular pen is from the ‘Lucid’ stable, and I felt relaxed but not in the mood to lounge around doing nothing. A colleague tried the Blood Orange flavored pen and found it difficult to stop puffing such was the wonderful taste.

Next up was the Tropical Fruit pen, which is designed to provide you with an energy boost, and I have to say, I felt similar to how I feel after drinking a strong cup of coffee. The effect only takes a few minutes to hit you and lasts longer than a caffeinated boost. Once again, the flavor was fantastic and offered such a smooth hit. You barely have to make an effort to smoke the pen because it is so effective with a limited draw

Review of Ignite CBD Drops

The other product in the Ignite range is its CBD drops. These are the classic CBD oil tinctures, and there are four flavors: Blood Orange, Tropical Fruit, Lavender, and Unflavored. Each bottle contains 1000mg of hemp-derived CBD oil, 30ml of liquid, and costs $65. You also receive a 1ml dropper which is helpfully marked in 0.25ml increments for precise dosing. A full dropper is the equivalent of 33.33mg of CBD.

As well as containing industrial hemp oil, MCT, and terpenes, these drops also include Stevia amongst their ingredients, which explains the pleasant taste. Once again, there is little doubt as to the quality of the oil, which can be used orally or on the skin. Although we found that the drops don’t work as quickly as the vape pens, they are an excellent option if you don’t enjoy the vaping experience.

Final Thoughts on Ignite CBD

For all of Bilzerian’s partying, he is a serious businessman, and this is a serious product. Everything about Ignite CBD screams class: From the professionally packaged products to the standard of delivery, the ease of use, the smoothness of the vaping experience, the wonderful taste, and finally, the obvious positive impact, Ignite CBD has got everything right.

The only thing we can’t speak of is the quality of customer service, because we had no cause to contact the company; but if it is of a similar standard to the products and delivery, it will be enough to satisfy consumers. There is a very good reason why Ignite CBD scooped a Cannabis Cup award, because they are THAT good.

Verdict: 10/10

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