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The Difference Between CBN and CBD Broad Spectrum

March 03, 2023 4 min read

The Difference Between CBN and CBD Broad Spectrum

When you think of cannabis, you likely think of the three major cannabinoids: THC, CBD, and CBG. THC is the component of cannabis that causes that high or psychoactive feeling. CBD is a popularized and legalized component that individuals add to their daily routine to treat pain, depression, or anxiety without the psychoactive effects. Lastly, CBG is a known anti-inflammatory that can help combat pain, fight off cancer cells, and reduce nausea. 

However, there is another minor component of cannabis that isn't as well-known or popular. It's called CBN.Cannabinol (CBN) is a phytocannabinoids and is derived from decarboxylated THC. It's one of the 140+ minor cannabinoids commonly found in cannabis plants.  

If you've considered adding broad or full spectrum oil into your lifestyle, there are a few things you'll need to consider to decide if CBD or CBN is right for you. 

We're here to walk you through what you need to know about this lesser-known cannabinoid and how it compares to CBD.

Let's take a closer look:

What is CBN?

Cannabinol (CBN) is a type of cannabinoid. It's derived from THC molecules from aged or dried Sativa plants. CBN is created through decarboxylation. This is when THC is exposed to heat, air, or light for an extended period. During this process, the THC degrades into CBN.

To put it simply: The older cannabis ages, the more CBN it contains. 

There is little research done on the effects of CBN. In 1999, The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime tested the potency of cannabis. They found that older THC had converted into CBN after around two years of improper storage and oxidation. This tells us that if a hemp plant tests for high CBN content, it's likely an older plant. 

This means CBN doesn't contain the same level of psychoactive effects as THC. It has roughly one-fourth of THC's strength, which means it has a weaker effect on the body. 

CBN has a slightly different effect on the body than CBD. It has well-known anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat pain or discomfort. It's also a potent sedative that can help individuals who struggle with sleeping at night or have insomnia.

The Benefits of CBN

CBN is not as heavily researched as THC or CBD. There are many studies that need to be done to fully understand its impact on the body and its benefits. 

Even though there is not enough research on CBN to fully understand its capabilities or effects on the body, there are some known effects of this minor cannabinoid.

The benefits of CBN

Sedative Qualities 

CBN is a potent sedative cannabinoid. Which means it's a great sleeping aid for individuals that struggle with insomnia. 


As noted, CBN and CBD both have anti-inflammatory properties. This means it can act as a pain relief when applied as a topical or added to your diet. 

Neuroprotective Properties

One 2005 study found that CBN could help delay the onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS is one of the most common motor neuron degenerative diseases. This disease causes the cells in your brain and spinal cord to slowly deteriorate. Research suggests that CBN may alleviate the symptoms of ALS, which could potentially help individuals with the disease live longer. 

Appetite Stimulant 

Individuals who suffer from life-threatening diseases like cancer often deal with a loss of appetite. While CBD is a known appetite suppressant, CBN may help stimulate your appetite

What is CBD Broad Spectrum

Now that it's legal for consumption,CBD has grown in popularity. It's well-known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities. It's arguably the most popular cannabinoid on the market and is widely used for its mellow, calming ability on individuals. There's also been extensive research conducted on its ability to help with pain, seizures, anxiety, depression, and other medical conditions. 

What makes CBDbroad spectrum oildifferent from CBN is itcontains zero THC. It only contains CBD and other plant compounds, including minor cannabinoids and terpenes. So you don't need to worry about the psychoactive effects of broad spectrum products. The additional plant compounds magnify the effects of CBD, so you'll still experience the entourage effect. 

The benefits ofCBD broad spectrum oil

Treat Anxiety Disorders

Studies suggest that CBD broad spectrum can help treat anxiety and other mental disorders. It may help you calm the mind, body, and soul by giving you a calm or relaxed feeling. 

Zero THC 

Broad spectrum makes it possible to live a THC-free lifestyle and still experience CBD. However, you'll want to remember that there are still minor cannabinoids and terpenes in the product. 

Focus Aid

CBD may help support normal cognitive function, helping you feel balanced, relaxed, and focused throughout the day. 

CBN vs CBD Broad Spectrum: What Are the Similarities?

When it comes to CBN vs CBD, they share some notable similarities. They are both interactive with your body's endocannabinoid system, which is connected to your nervous system. It's the driving force in your body that regulates your mood, digestion, pain, emotional processing, and immune response. 

In the end, both CBD and CBN can be incorporated into your lifestyle in a variety of different ways. You can ingest capsules, edibles, and oils. You can also apply topicals or vapes to get your daily fix of CBD or CBN.

Experience IgniteCBD Broad Spectrum andCBN Drops

When it comes to choosing betweenCBD vs CBN, it’s a personal preference. Are you dealing with ongoing pain, anxiety, or depression? You may want to stick to CBD. CBN might be the better alternative if you’re looking for a natural sleep aid to help you feel relaxed.

OurCBD broad and full spectrum drops are one of the most popular broad spectrum oils available. They are formulated with all-natural ingredients and other plant compounds, like minor cannabinoids and terpenes. 

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