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How Much CBD is Right for You?

April 28, 2022 4 min read

How Much CBD is Right for You?

Maybe you are new to trying cannabidiol (CBD) and exploring if it could benefit you. Maybe you’ve been using CBD for a while to boost your mood or focus or relieve discomfort, but you’ve never really known how much you *should* be taking. And there’s a lot of information online with lots of different opinions. It can be confusing and overwhelming.

Take a breath and get ready for an honest, no-BS answer from a reputable source of quality CBD products. You’re in the right place to get your answers.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

You’re here because you want to know how much CBD you should take. And there are two answers, the short and the REAL one.

The short answer is kind of science-y. There’s a general formula and guideline:

  • approximately .25 mg of CBD x your body weight = your correct dosage.
    • For example, a 200 lb person should take 50 mg of CBD per day, preferably half in the morning and half at night.

The REAL answer has a lot more moving parts. To start with, what’s your goal, your reason, your expectation for taking CBD? Yes, your weight matters. But so does your individual body chemistry. In what form are you using CBD? Are you buying quality stuff or cheap shit? What’s the concentration? (Even with CBD oil, a drop isn’t necessarily the same across the board.)

Let’s dive deeper into the real answers and help YOU decide how much CBD is right for you.

What’s Your Goal for Using CBD?

Your reason for taking CBD, your goal, directly influences how much CBD is right for you. While CBD is an amazing product with a lot of possibilities, here are some common reasons people take CBD. 

  • If you are looking for relief from chronic discomfort, you may need a higher amount to keep the discomfort steadily controlled.
  • Need to manage daily stress and mood support? Finding a regular, steady dose will keep you even-keeled.
  • If you are facing a circumstance you find amps up your stress level, but you feel pretty good otherwise, you may benefit from a preventive dose before engaging in stressful situations.
  • Some are looking for focus in the morning or right after lunch. Others have no problems getting their day going but can’t shut their minds off at night to decompress and relax for sleep.
  • Or maybe you want to keep sports cream on hand to relieve soreness after a great workout.

These all will influence how much and when you use CBD. Once you truly understand why you’re taking it, you’ll be in a better position to know how much you should take.

How to Calculate Proper Dosage

A CBD serving size or dose should be easily found on the packaging, along with how to measure and administer the product. (If it’s not, get a higher quality product.) The recommendations will give you a great starting point, so it’s important to read it instead of making assumptions.

CBD oil, for example, comes in a variety of concentrations. IGNITE offers two strengths of CBD isolate drops, 350 mg and 1,000 mg. While the dropper and bottle are the same size, the concentration of each drop is not. The 350 mg has approximately 12 mg per 1 ml (about a dropper) while the 1,000 mg has 33 mg per 1 ml.

Same size bottle. Same size dropper. Not the same dose!

Your body chemistry makes a difference as well. Some bodies respond to very small amounts of CBD, while others require higher doses or potencies to achieve the desired goal, so it’s unlikely there’s a packaged formula precisely perfect for YOU. Nevertheless, there are great starting guidelines and easy ways to safely find your proper dose.

How Much CBD is Too Much?

As you begin to consider how much CBD is right for you, you’re inevitably wondering if you could accidentally take too much CBD and what that is. Numerous research studies have shown most people can safely tolerate up to 1,500 mg of CBD per day with no issues. That should give you peace of mind because 1,500 mg is a LOT. While it is possible to take “too much,” it’s uncommon. To ensure how much you’re taking, use premeasured CBD products like CBD gummies or energy shots.

But if you do take too much CBD, what happens?

Uncomfortable side effects may include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

If someone experiencing side effects from a suspected high dose of CBD such as these, try to stay or keep them hydrated. If they are having trouble staying conscious, seek medical attention immediately.

On the flip side, if you’ve taken the recommended dose for a few weeks and are still not experiencing the relief you seek, you may have a higher tolerance of CBD and need a higher dose than recommended on the packaging.

CBD Products

The product you use will make a difference. Keep this in mind when trying to determine your proper dose. And remember your CBD goal as you evaluate the right product for you.

  • Using a CBD vape pen means faster results, but the effect won’t last as long as with other products.
  • Under the tongue with an oil or tincture yields longer results. While it takes a little longer to feel than with vaping, it’s faster than ingesting.
  • Ingesting products such as gummies, energy shots, and performance beverages go through digestion. They yield the longest-lasting results but can take longer to notice.

How to Take Quality CBD

So, how much CBD is right for you? You are now well informed to determine the right dose for you. Just remember one last handful of tips:

  • Start low. You can always increase the dose later.
  • Be consistent in taking it daily, same time, same dose, same product.
  • Give it a couple of weeks to know how it will affect you.
  • If you need to increase the dose to feel the desired result, do so incrementally.
  • Make sure your product and company is quality.

And when you’re ready to find the right CBD product, don’t compromise. Don’t settle. IGNITE your life.