Is CBD a Miracle Worker? - IGNITE CBD

February 11, 2019

If only life came with a handbook telling us what plants and other resources on the planet could help us. But no. Instead, we are left to poke and prod, figuring things out for ourselves (shout out to the one guy who went licking toads to find out which one got you high). There does seem to be something that has emerged from Mother Nature to give us a boost: CBD (cannabidiol). More researchers are diving deep into what it can do for our bodies and minds - and we’re starting to discover some amazing properties.

The study of CBD oil in the western world isn’t that old. It wasn’t extracted from the cannabis sativa plant until the 1940s; but the ancient Chinese used hemp as a primary crop, so the chances are great that they discovered its many medicinal properties and realized they could use hemp oil for pain centuries ago. So far, so great.

Some parts of society are still under the belief that CBD is marijuana, but it’s not; although they both originate from the same plant, marijuana has THC (the stuff that makes you high), whereas CBD has very low levels of or no THC but is rich in cannabidiol. But that’s people for you; if they heard it somewhere, then it must be true. *Sigh*

So is CBD a miracle worker? You can judge for yourself, but here’s a list of some of the areas and conditions that CBD oil is already starting to shake up.

High Blood Pressure

Studies are now showing that CBD can help lower blood pressure. Preclinical studies have revealed that CBD has many cardiovascular benefits, so it’s being put to the test. One such study showed that CBD reduces both resting blood pressure and blood pressure increases due to stress.

Neurological Disorders

Schizophrenia is characterized by deficits in learning, memory, attention and can seriously affect daily living. But CBD has anti-inflammatory and antipsychotic-like properties. One study showed that CBD improves cognition in multiple preclinical models of schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, meningitis, sepsis and cerebral malaria, and even hepatic encephalopathy and brain ischemia.

It may even help with epilepsy; just last year, the FDA approved a CBD concentrate called Epidiolex for two rare and extreme forms of epilepsy.


A study into CBD revealed it to have a wide variety of pharmacological properties, including anxiolytic, antipsychotic, antiemetic and anti-inflammatory properties. What’s the best time to take hemp oil? Studies show that CBD doesn’t have to be taken at certain hours; but can be taken whenever you need it. Great for those of us with busy schedules. Still great for those of us who don’t.

cbd oil cbd vape pain management

Pain Management

Many people are using CBD to help with pain management, even pain deriving from cancer, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, or nerve pain (neuropathy). One trial revealed that CBD is highly effective with neuropathic pain.

CBD sales are predicted to reach $22 billion in just three years from now according to the cannabis market research firm the Brightfield Group. CBD is also being served up in a variety of ways, from alcoholic drinks, coffees and skin creams, but we know how much you prefer vaping it.

If you’re looking to purchase hemp oil in CBD vape pens or as 100% pure, hemp-derived CBD drops, Ignite has your back. Again, you won’t get high with CBD, but you may just feel a whole lot better.

And these days, that’s a miracle we all need.