July 01, 2019

In Ignite's short life as a premier CBD provider, they've already made a splash with their unapologetic commitment to quality, innovation, transparency, and variety. Founded by the unofficial “king of Instagram,” Dan Bilzerian's latest business venture is making waves in the bustling CBD market by delivering premium CBD products that deliver results.

Thinking about giving CBD a shot? Rather than trying disappointing product after disappointing product from other brands, start with the king with any one of these best-selling Ignite CBD products.

Ignite CBD Starter Kit

If you’re wanting to dive head-first into vaping, Ignite’s premier starter kit has everything you need to start vaping CBD right out of the box. This rechargeable vape pen uses a convenient and easy pod system and is compact and light so you can take it with you wherever you go. No complicated buttons or dials—just take a pull and the LED light will display a color indicating how strong the hit is. The kit comes with the pen, a USB charger, and two flavor pods of your choice filled with Ignite’s premium CBD oil.

Calm | Lavender Drops

Many people enjoy using CBD oil for anxiety. If you’re seeking some relief, then lavender-infused CBD drops are for you. CBD oil on its own is already an effective restorative compound, but when blended with lavender essential oil, you have a calming concoction to help you clear your mind at the end of a stressful day or right before bed. These drops are meant to be taken orally, but users also enjoy using them topically on the skin. Each 30-milliliter bottle is loaded with 1,000 milligrams of CBD and 33 milligrams per serving. Simply load the dropper, and your CBD relief is only a squeeze away.

Calm | Pink Chill Vape Pen

Winner of the Best CBD Vape Pen at the High Times Cannabis Cup, the disposable CBD vape pen collection from Ignite is a quick and easy way to exhale your daily stress. Each pen comes loaded with 250 milligrams of Ignite’s premium CBD oil and features natural flavors that taste great and make the entire vaping experience fresh and relaxing—perfect for after a long day, or when you want to chill before the next adventure.

Recharge | Tropical Fruit Drops

While some prefer to take CBD at night, others use it at the start of the day to get their mind right as they prepare to conquer the next challenge. The Recharge CBD oil drops from Ignite are for the early risers and the conquerors. Use the dropper to dose out the perfect amount for you, give the end a squeeze, and you're ready for a long-lasting, elevated experience that clarifies and stimulates. 


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