May 10, 2019

Ignite specializes in two things: delivering high-quality, no-bull CBD products and having fun. If you ever tune into their Twitch channel and see the daily antics the Ignite crew gets up to, it’s clear they’re a brand that knows how to have fun and can get pretty competitive at times too. In that same vein, gamers are increasingly turning to CBD as the compound to give them a mental edge either for competition or chilling out when playing with friends.

If you want to level up, Ignite has a CBD product for you at every stage of the game.

Pre-Game Activities

CBD oil taken sublingually under the tongue can help keep you relaxed throughout the match and for most of the day. Rather than getting to work instantly, CBD vape oil taken orally needs to work its way through your bloodstream. It often takes longer for the effects to kick in, but once they do, they’ll typically last for hours upon hours.

Ignite offers a selection of CBD oil drops that you can mix into a drink, drop under your tongue, or use topically. They also offer a few collections—Calm, Recharge, and Lucid—so you can get the CBD experience you need to up your game.

In the Game

Once the game starts, you won’t have much time to administer CBD aid to yourself—or do you? Ignite offers the automatic, no-hands required CBD solution in their CBD infused toothpicks. Containing the same award-winning CBD oil, the CBD toothpicks from Ignite are convenient, and the Recharge collection has an added bonus with a micro-dose of caffeine in each pick. Stay alert and ready with these energy-boosting toothpicks.

Between Rounds

While you wait in the lobby, now is the perfect opportunity to bust out one of Ignite’s signature CBD vape pens. Maybe you like to mix it up with a different flavor every time via a disposable pen, or you have a rechargeable vape pen at the ready. Either way, puffing on some CBD clouds can help relax and clear your mind.

After the Win

All of the work is over, and you secured the victory. All that’s left to do is sit back, chill out, and let the Calm series clear your mind. Ignite offers a Calm variant of every product, whether you prefer a CBD oil vape, drop, or to chew on a toothpick. The Calm series uses Ignite’s specialty CBD oil that will help you relax, slow your thoughts, and provide a full-body calming experience.