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CBD Oil Drops

CBD Oil Drops

CBD can do so much for so many. It’s no wonder an estimated one in seven Americans uses CBD. And the trend is only expected to grow. One of the best and easiest ways to take cannabidiol is as a CBD tincture, or oil. (Yes, tincture, oil, oil drops, and oral drops all mean essentially the same thing in the CBD world.)

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is extracted from cannabis plants, concentrated, and blended with food-grade essential oils. When CBD oil is taken as droplets under the tongue, you can get fast delivery and fast results.

When do I use CBD Drops?

When is the best time to take CBD drops? That’s up to you and greatly depends on the reason you’re taking them. You may need to experiment with when in the day to take it. For some people, it’s a great eye opener. Others find it relaxes them. Still others use it as a midday recharge or to focus when the work is taxing. Play around with how you feel and find the right strength, dose, and timing.


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