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5 Tips on Buying CBD Oil Online

September 13, 2021 3 min read

5 Tips on Buying CBD Oil Online


It seems likeCBD oil is everywhere. And for good reason. It works directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates lots of other systems in the body. It only makes sense that CBD could contribute to overall feelings of wellness and improved states of mind. 

We understand that jumping in can also be a little overwhelming. Should you buy CBD oil online? What should you look for? How do you know what you’re getting or which organization to trust? Read on for 5 great tips on buying CBD oil online safely and easily.

1) Consider Why You Want CBD Oil Drops


Understanding why you’re purchasing CBD oil is an important step in determining what you buy, where you buy it, and what your expectations are. 

While many people find CBD helpful in their daily lives with things such as improved feelings of restfulness or relief, this is not a miracle drug that will fix everything for everyone. And because it’s not highly regulated like prescription medications, some companies make outrageous claims. If the claims seem too good to be true, it may be a good idea to find a better provider.

2) Consider Your Online CBD Source

Yes, CBD oil drops and products containing CBD can be found all over the internet and in retail environments. But when it comes to CBD, trusting your source is critical. 

When you are shopping for CBD, your best bet is a reputable CBD site, not a mass online retailer where anyone can sign up to sell anything. Still want to go that route? Read the reviews! Your fellow consumers have your back. 

Keep in mind that a reputable CBD site will provide you educational information. Labels should show how much CBD is in the oil drops and that an independent, third-party lab tested it. Not only should the product be tested, but the results should be readily available and easy to find on the website. If it’s not, consider looking elsewhere.

3) Consider the THC Level

The 2018 Farm Bill made cannabis products with less than 0.3% of THC federally legal. Compliant CBD is legal to buy online. Check out the site’s third-party testing page to make sure the product you’re buying falls within that level and verify it has the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids promised.

And while this level of THC should not show up on a drug test, only you know your body and your life. That’s why you’ll find several cannabis products available where some contain THC and others don’t. Understand thedifference in CBD products before you buy.

4) Consider the Other Ingredients

THC isn’t the only thing to consider when you’re looking to buy CBD drops online. Other cannabinoids may be included inbroad spectrum products. They provide the so-called “entourage effect,” meaning they work together to increase effectiveness. Some users prefer to use CBD exclusively and turn toisolate products.

No matter what kind of cannabis product you are looking for, there are always other ingredients. It could be combined with essential oils, carrier oils such as coconut, and other proprietary terpene blends. A reputable company will list these so that you know exactly what you’re getting to make a fully informed decision.

5) Consider IGNITE

When you’re ready to pull the trigger and purchase CBD oil online, IGNITE has you covered. We make it easy to buy and help you understand the products. What’s more, we don’t hide anything. We believe in putting out a high-quality, consistentpremium product that’s shipped quickly. We share all of the information you want to know and more, including ingredients, CBD level, THC level, and results from independent testing labs. 

When you put out the best product, it’s easy to be bold. We don’t compromise or settle. Why should you?