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Start Your Day Off Right with Ignite

May 18, 2019 2 min read

Start Your Day Off Right with Ignite

Many people turn to CBD after a long day at work or a hard evening workout, but because CBD is non-psychoactive (meaning you don’t get a “high” or buzz), CBD is also the go-to way many people start their day.

Since its founding, Ignite has taken strides to change the way people view CBD, marketing it as more of a lifestyle product. Ignite offers premium CBD products that stand above the rest, thanks to its commitment to working with the best cultivators and suppliers in the country.

If you’re considering using CBD vape oil or another CBD product as your morning recharge for the day ahead, here are a few Ignite CBD products to try.

Ignite is well-known for its premium disposable vape pen collection. From influencers to models, athletes, and everyday people, Ignite’s vapes are providing real relief. Ignites offers their vapes in a variety of flavors, but the recharge collection is the one to choose if you want a vape that can clear your mind while providing an herbal lift. Each disposable pen comes loaded with 250 milligrams of Ignite’s premium CBD, and each three-second puff delivers around 1 to 2 milligrams of CBD right to your lungs for immediate absorption.

While some people want to get amped up to start the day, others want to relax their mind and quiet their thoughts. Ignite offers a Calm collection that can do just that, as many people choose CBD oil for anxiety and to unwind. The Lavender drops are perfect for all-day relief and with the added lavender essential oil, you can start your day with a clear head and be ready for whatever comes next.

If vaping or drops aren’t your thing, Ignite still has another trick in its bag. Ignite’s recently rolled out CBD infused toothpicks are the perfect slow-release CBD solution to enjoy on your drive to work or as you run around the house getting ready for the day. What separates the toothpicks from the other CBD products is that the ones in the Recharge collection feature a micro-dose of caffeine to help give you not only an herbal lift from the CBD, but also a charge to get your mind moving.

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